Suppose you have a head full of startling and revolutionary ideas, a heart full of dedication, and an occasional sweet tooth. In that case, we are looking for you. Care to join Polar now. Work with some of the greatest minds in the industry and explore new horizons of countless possibilities. Drop your application today!

You First

The Polar family stands firm for the complete satisfaction of customers, consumers, and other stakeholders with excellent ice-creams and superior services.

Compliance and Conduct

We always comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and conduct our business- upholding ethical standards expected of a good corporate citizen.

Innovation to Remain Preferred

We continuously innovate our products, processes, and services to stay modern and preferred.

Accountability and Responsiveness

At DIIL, everybody is accountable for their actions, and we respond as quickly as possible to our customers and colleagues alike. This is our secret to building a winning team.

Wholesomeness and Positive Mindset

The Polar family has a healthy, sensible, and positive-minded approach towards everything we do.


Customer Care

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