The Emergence

The success story of Polar dates back to the year 1987. Visionary businessman Mr. Amanullah Miah established Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited to present Bangladesh with delicious, high-quality ice cream products. Back then, ice cream was beginning to gain popularity among all age groups in our country. That’s why Mr. Amanullah Miah started producing world-class ice cream products in Bangladesh. He aimed to manufacture excellent-quality ice cream products in his production plant, which everyone would love. He brought in a team of experts from Denmark with no further ado. After going through many ups and downs, he successfully established his ice- cream production plant in Dhaka. Thus, Polar Ice Cream was born.

The Advancement

Later, in 2009, a successful entrepreneur, engineer and businessman – Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed, joined the business as a new partner. He introduced many modern management philosophies and embedded a thriving performance culture on the foundations of a world-class food safety management approach. Under his stewardship, Polar became the 1st ISO 22000:2005 certified company in the dairy category in Bangladesh. Polar was the first to introduce modern ice- cream products here in Bangladesh. Their chocobar, penguin, litre box, and cake box gained massive popularity right after their introduction to the market.
Consequently, this achievement receives another token of inspiration, ISO 22000:2018. Later on, Polar became the first ice- cream brand to present the ice cream lovers of Bangladesh with traditional flavours like Malai, Kheer and Doi. Moreover, their relentless product innovation brought more exciting variants like Robusto, flavoured biscuit cones and a premium ice-cream brand named Raffinato into existence.

By Time, By Bringing Happiness

Polar unveiled a new logo in 2016 with a more contemporary brand image and special additions and modifications to its ice cream products’ recipes. European standards and technology gave Polar the ultimate assurance of happiness to ice cream. This company has made its biggest headway in 2022. In the mega plan to reach consumers with the best production capacity and product diversity, Polar established a new plant covering a large land area at Savar in Dhaka. Therefore, Polar retains the top position through this new journey, with the vision set in 1987 to produce futuristic Cups, Cone, Chocober, Liter Box, etc. We firmly believe that Polar Ice Cream will keep cheering everyone and every family up in the coming days. We will do our best very happily to present Bangladesh with better ice cream positioning upon “Mon Bhalo Thak” (Mood to be happy).

Customer Care

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