• State of the art plant & process

    European technology for a state-of-the-art factory
    The factory always remains up to the mark in producing Polar Ice Creams. The food safety policies and quality-ensuring regulations are ensured at every phase.
  • Wide range of products

    A rich diversity of ice creams
    We offer a wide variety of fabulous ice creams. Exciting and inviting product ranges of Stick, Lolly, Cone, Cup, Tub, and Cake ice creams in all the flavours keep you independent enough to choose any of your favorites.
  • Quality Certificates

    The quality recognized
    Polar Ice Cream is the first in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 22000:2005 in the dairy category. Notably, this company has national and international certifications like Halal, Vegetarian, Food Safety and Quality related credentials, etc.
  • Finest Ingredients

    First-rate ingredients
    By ensuring international standards and using top-quality ingredients, Polar Ice Cream promises healthiness in delicious ice creams.
  • No added presercatives

    Polar Ice Cream does not use any synthetic or artificial preservatives. Therefore, the products are safe for consumers of any age group.
  • Made with love

    Made of love and care
    The business of Polar is positioned by the Bangla sentence, “Mon Bhalo Thak” (mood to be happy). It is the main source of inspiration to produce flavoursome and tasty ice creams with great care.
Customer Care

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